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Top 5 Benefits of Cashews

Nuts are renowned for being one of the healthiest types of foods in the world. One of the healthiest and most delicious types of nuts is undoubtedly…Cashews. Cashews are easily identifiable by their crescent moon or kidney shape. They can be found in subtropical climates and are native to northeastern and coastal Brazil and South Africa.

Cashews make an ideal snack and go great when mixed with raisins, almonds, and fruits or as an addition to trail-mix. They also make a perfect and delicious addition to any stir-fry and salad. Interestingly cashew nuts are actually seeds from apples that grow on Cashew trees.

Not only are cashews a tasty treat, but they also have loads of health benefits.

1. Wards Off Heart Disease

Studies have shown that cashews are beneficial to heart health. This is because cashews raise HDL (good cholesterol) and lower your LDL (dangerous cholesterol). Cashews also contain arginine, which helps blood flow to arteries and the heart as well as protects artery walls. Also, phytosterol compounds in cashews prevent plaque build up on artery walls. Cashews are also a rich source of heart healthy monounsaturated fatty acids.

2. Promotes Bone and Muscle Health

Cashews are a rich source of magnesium. Magnesium regulates our muscle tone and nerves. Magnesium also plays a pivotal role in healthy bones. Magnesium deficiency can lead to all sorts of health problems. Cashews are also a rich source of copper. Severe copper deficiency can lead to poor bone mineral density and potentially osteoporosis. Sufficient copper is necessary to replace damaged bone tissue and prevent bone health problems like joint issues.

3. May Help Weight Loss

Studies have shown that those who consume nuts regularly are more likely to lose weight as opposed to those who do not. Those who did not eat nuts regularly were more likely to see weight gains. Cashews are high in omega 3 fatty acids which improve metabolism which leads to improved weight maintenance.

4. High Magnesium Content

Studies have shown that magnesium can help reduce migraines and lower blood pressure which can help reduce the risk of heart attacks.

5. High Antioxidant Content

Cashews are high in the element copper. Copper is high in antioxidant and antoxidants fight against free radicals, which also helps in protecting against heart disease and cancer.

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