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Beet Salad

Beet salad can be an excellent lunch option for those who want a delicious meal packed full of nutrition. Cooking beets is easy. You can pre-cut and rinse them, boil them, or have slow or long roasted beets. Pickled beets can be another nice option. Beets benefits are numerous, some of which are lowered blood pressure and helping to prevent degenerative brain diseases. Beetroot benefits also include an increase in stamina.

As a super easy and convenient alternative to beets, PureBeets beetroot powder can be used in the salad as well. This beetroot powder is a whole food with the same nutrition content of beets. Using PureBeets beetroot powder is a convenient, time saving way to make a beet salad without losing the amazing nutrition of beets. You can sprinkle the PureBeets beetroot powder on top of your salad or mix it into your salad dressing.

Here is a simple beet salad recipe:

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