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Maca Root Powder the “Andes Aphrodisiac”


What is Maca Root you may ask? Maca Root is in the cruciferous family of plants. It’s a vegetable in the same classification as broccoli and spinach. Maca is native to the Peruvian Andes Mountains. Maca has a rather fascinating history. During the Incan empire, soldiers would consume massive amounts of maca before entering battle. The reason being that maca made them stronger and increased their stamina. Another interesting tidbit about maca root is that no other crop in the world is grown at higher altitude. It grows at an astounding 9,000 to 10,000 feet above ground. -Information from Dr. Michael VanDerschelden.

Maca Root has some of the most awesome health benefits you’ll likely find in any one food source on the planet. They include:

1. Increases Sex Drive and Improves Fertility

Maca has long been used as a libido enhancing food. One study found that sexual desire was increased after 6 weeks of consumption. Maca’s properties can also help with not only sex drive, but infertility and impotency as well. Maca helps increase the number and the adequacy of sperm, increasing the likelihood of conception.

2. Helps Prevent Disease (Adaptogenic Food)

Maca Root is an adaptogen. Adaptogens are foods that help the body resist contracting diseases. Maca also acts as a hormone regulator for your body by working to neutralize them as well as restoring your adrenal glands and thyroids and helping to relieve your stress hormones.

3. Helps with Female Menstrual Ailments

Maca has been used by women to help with regulating mood and as well as those who experience hot flashes during menstruation. Maca has been used by women for mood swings, anxiety, depression, and cramping.

4. May Improve Strength and Increase Stamina

Maca is a popular product with athletes as it is thought to boost energy and stamina, thereby improving athletic performance. While there are no studies that point to improved strength and muscle growth, one study on cyclists did show improved times, though the improvement was minor, it was still an improvement nonetheless.

There is no research to support Maca being safe to take during pregnancy, so it should be avoided during pregnancy. Maca should also be avoided by those with high blood pressure.

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