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Chlorella is the Chlorophyll King

Chlorella is a single-celled blue green-algae. Its best attribute is that it contains the most chlorophyll of any other plant in the world. Science has shown that chlorella improves radiation protection, detoxification of alcohol and heavy metals, inflammation, digestion, helps weight loss, brain and liver function, the healing process, regeneration, and strengthens the immune system. Check out these awesome health benefits:

1. Detoxes the Body

Chlorella acts directly on the liver, pesticides, alcohol, and heavy metals. In particular, it helps to cleanse the blood from alcohol. It also helps to rid the body of heavy metals like arsenic, lead, cadium, uranium, and mercury. Chlorella breaks down heavy metals from food, vaccines, drinking water, and amalgam fillings. It also absorbs toxins from the intestines and increases probiotics.

2. Boosts the Immune System

Chlorella increases the amount of white blood cells in the body. In a study on people who underwent chemotherapy and suffering from chronic illness, it was found that the health of those who consumed chlorella improved faster. This is due to the white blood cells and immune system cells in chlorella that help fight sicknesses. Chlorella also helps fight bacterial and viral infections. In a study done on mice who took a daily supplement of chlorella, it was found that the mice had 50% more superoxide levels. Chlorella increases what’s called Gamma Interferon, which helps stimulate natural killer cells that help battle against viruses.

3. Chlorella Grows Rapidly

Chlorella is the fastest growing crop in the world as it has a remarkable ability to quadruple its growth in 24 hours! Why is this important for you? Well,when chlorella is consumed it helps the body to heal and restore tissues. This is also important for gut health as it helps the growth of beneficial bacteria. This is crucial for the function of your immune system as it is composed primarily of gut bacteria. One study showed that Chlorella quadrupled the growth rate of the gut bacteria Lactobacilli. Chlorella’s ability to restore nerve tissue makes it a great product for those suffering from nerve and brain illnesses such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s.

4. Digestion Benefits

Chlorella has helpful digestive enzymes like pepsin and chlorophyllase. Pepsin helps the body to digest proteins.

Recommended Uses

-Information from Dr. Michael VanDerschelden

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